We transform organizatons by 10x to help them survive the technology disruption coming 

The world is changing at an exponential rate where organizations are being wiped out if they aren’t ready for whats coming. Is yours ready?

Three steps to 10x transformation for your organization

Awaken – see the technology already disrupting
Learn – master the tools to begin transforming
Execute – transform your organization by 10x

Let us show you what technologies are about to disrupt you and your organization.

How to transform your organization 10x


Disruption is coming and it’s coming fast. The question you probably have right now is “what can I do about it”. Before we answer that, let’s first show you what’s about to hit your industry.
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First master the disruption survival kit of tools and methodologies the top exponential organizations are using to grow their businesses by 10 times.
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There is no time to waste, transform your organization 10x to not only survive the fourth industrial revolution, but thrive as one of it’s disruptors.
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Global companies trust us

Our cross-industry client base includes finance, consulting, manufacturing, insurance, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, textiles, automotive, energy, public utilities, government and medical devices.

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What results can your organization expect from a 10x transformation?

Here are some transformations our community helped clients through (many are still in stealth mode):

Procter & Gamble established an internal 10X Exo organization that learned to proactively disrupt their already best-in-class shared services. They launched 25 initiatives in four years on a tiny budget by focusing on "freeing our employees for free". Eight of these projects are on track to deliver either $50+ million in value or a 10X lift in customer satisfaction.
A $35 billion financial services firm identified an opportunity to streamline the account creation process. They are able to save up to $1B in lost business by implementing a regulated single-click sign-up process.
A global manufacturing firm implemented a new method to reduce costly false alarms. They've focused on cleverly analyzing data from customers' existing devices using artificial intelligence. This approach is projected to save the firm $100 million in the first year, and their CEO quickly approved the project.
A multinational corporation increased customer satisfaction by 10X and reduced wasted time by 83% at their call centers. They used artificial intelligence to understand each customer's question and access the right answer from the right database in real time (including ingredients, sourcing, and supply chain information). This allows human agents to focus on building relationships and selling additional products.
A financial services firm identified a $300 million opportunity to win new customers in an adjacent market. Their approach eased the average 2.5 hour commute for locals in a major city by digitizing and unifying different transportation systems into a single mobile app.
A Fortune 100 company completely removed invoices from a major portion of their supply chain. This is vastly more cost-effective solution than simply using technology to optimize the existing invoicing process.
A Fortune 100 company completely removed invoices from a major portion of their supply chain. This is vastly more cost-effective solution than simply using technology to optimize the existing invoicing process.
“Any company designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st”

– Investor David Rose
Questions we have for you to think about
Do other companies grow exponentially while yours fixates on incremental improvements?
Does being best-in-class today guarantee you'll be relevant three years from now?
How is your company engaging and inspiring its smartest people to shape the future?
Are other companies using technology better and faster, threatening your core business?
Are your innovation projects often cancelled halfway through?
Does your company move slowly because you're in a regulated industry?

Do you know about the technology that is about to disrupt you?

Books you need to read

Don't take our word for it, the world's foremost leaders are already talking about what is to be

Start with Exponential Organizations, which lays out the attributes shared by the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Salim Ismail, OpenExO

Continue with The Fourth Industrial Revolution, which lays out the economic affects disruptive technology will do on a global scale.
Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum
Finally read The Future is Faster Than You Think, which provides a futurist view of what the future may look like with all this new technology hitting the market.

Peter Diamandis, Singularity University and XPrize

10x Transformation Awakening Session
For just one hour of your time, we will custom tailor an industry specific awakening presentation that will quickly show you how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is about to disrupt you and your organization.
Let us show you what technologies are about to disrupt you and your organization.
10x Transformation Learning Workshop

If you are interested in learning about the tools and methodologies that companies like Tesla, Uber, AirBnB, Zappos and others are using to exponentially grow their organizations at break-neck speed, then this workshop is for you.

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn about the new business models that power these companies, the difference between scarcity and adundance and the playbook on how to bring all of this into your organization. At the end of this workshop, you will be armed with the knowledge, mindset and survival kit to begin transforming your organization 10x.
10x Transformation Execution

Now that you see what’s about to happen in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s time to take the tools and methodologies to the next level and begin implementing your 10x tranformation in your organization.

Every organization, market, or industry are very different from one another which is why each company requires their own approach to the transformation.

Our unique approach is far different than typical business consultants you’re used to. We leverage your most valuable assets, your people. In order to truly transform your organization 10x, it all needs to start with your people then your process and then the technology…in that order. We are merely coaches facilitating the process with you and your people to innovate and design the future of our organization.

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