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The tendency toward incremental thinking plagues all organizations and in fact humanity in general.  Even though we increasingly have access to more and more sophisticated and innovative tools we continue to use them for small incremental changes. Don’t get me wrong, these tools will help you grow your organization but they won’t sustain your business forever in this increasingly disruptive world.  How can your organization create ideas that are massive and transformational and have purpose.  What’s stopping your organization from being more creative.  Why can’t your organization aim to be 10x better rather than the typical 10% better.

As humans, we have been thinking incrementally for thousands of years and we all have biases that prevent us from seeing possibilities from the seemingly impossible.  We all have our own personal biases as well as biases ingrained in our biology that were put there eons ago to help us overcome the fact that we were slower and weaker than many of our enemies.  These traits are what allowed us to gain the upper hand when we were competing with lions in the Serengeti for food (and without them we would have been lion food).  Now, these traits were important them but in todays disruptive world they push us away from risk and stop us from thinking exponentially.

Some of the biases that are holding us back are:

  • availability bias, the tendency to substitute available data for representative data; 
  • familiarity bias, the tendency to overvalue things we already know;
  • confirmation bias, the tendency to think new information proves our existing beliefs.

As a result we see only the opportunities related to the status quo, rather than more-valuable opportunities just out of view. So how do you help your organization overcome these biases…

Science fiction has shaped our world more than you may think and it can be used to unleash your organizations mindset to those opportunities that are outside of our everyday world view.   Much of the technology we use in our everyday lives today came from science fiction of the past.  Everything from cellphones to credit cards to autonomous vehicles came from science fiction stories written many years ago.

SciFi Hive is a unique tool designed to bring your organization together on a future vision of their own making.  A vision built upon the limitless possibilities in the next 20 years.  As you probably know, the most important part of truly creating a transformational culture is to get your people on board.  With a SciFi Hive, we give organizations the tools to envision their end state together, overcoming the organizational immune system, by co-creating that future in an extremely engaging and fun way.

Want to know more, contact us today.

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