Re-Imagining Business in a Pandemic

This isn’t business as usual, and it’s a time of great stress and uncertainty. It’s also a moment in time when organizations need to start thinking about their future in the new world of constant disruption.

Next Steps

We have developed four approaches in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic to help businesses like yours respond to the global disruption we find ourselves in. We are here to help.

Covid-19 Disruption Awakening Session

In just an hour online, we will walk you through a presentation designed to help you fully understand the size and complexity of the current disruption we find ourselves in today, the short and long term economic affects of this and finally what you can do about it today from isolation. There will be a new normal coming out of this, are you and your organization ready for what that looks like?

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Immediate Response to the Covid-19 Disruption

There are a bunch of steps that every organization needs to take in response to what this pandemic is doing to our industries and economy. We will work with you and your organization remotely to assist you through this process without putting your staff or customers at risk. At the end of this process, your organization will be current and post Covid-19 ready.

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Remote Disruption workshops

We find ourselves in the middle of a global disruption to our lives, our work and our organizations. In our experience disruption is the new normal, we don’t mean new pandemics post Covid-19, but industry disruption from all the innovation, technology advances and way of doing business globally. There really is nothing that is safe anymore from this global transformation.

Our plan is to help transform your organization for the future so that you ready for any type of disruption coming your way. Our 2-day remote workshop is designed to do just that, help you and your organization transform into the company of tomorrow, an Exponential Organization.

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Exponential Organization (ExO) Virtual Express

During these trying times wouldn’t it be great if we could just get in our time machine and jump ahead a year to better times? Well, sadly time travel isn’t yet available but what if we said we could help you move your organization ahead 1 year in just 5 days?
Introducing the Exponential Organization (ExO) Virtual Express Sprint: In just 5 days, your team would complete the first half of an ExO Sprint process (usually a 10 week process), doing the work normally planned for each week in only one day. All delivered via online coaching with your team(s).

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